Care Management

Persivia’s real-time analytics and care management tools evaluate important patient information in order to facilitate actionable decisions, at the point-of-care. Informed decisions directly and immediately impact and improve the quality of care for both the individual patient and entire populations.

Persivia Brings Evidence-based Care into Practice and, Most Importantly, into Care Management

The need for Care Management is clear where chronic disease accounts for the bulk of all health care costs in the U.S.  Currently, seven out of every 10 Americans who die each year (more than 1.7 million people), die as the result of a chronic disease and 80% of chronic diseases are preventable.

Persivia Care Management takes into account that in order to effectively manage patients with chronic disease, it is important to integrate clinical decision support and quality management together with care management and provide real-time, evidence-based alerts at the point of care. This enables your organization to deliver superior outcomes by making both quality and care management actionable.


Persivia Care Management includes:

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