Chronic Care Management


Chronic Care Management

Under a new rule published by CMS, effective January 1, 2015, clinicians who dedicate at least 20 minutes to care management services during a 30-day period will be paid approximately $42.00 a month per qualifying beneficiary (those with two or more chronic conditions). As part of this program, CMS allows organizations to outsource chronic care management services.

The 2015 CMS Payment Rule (CPT 99490) provides new revenue opportunities and will also help transition patients from costly in-patient care to the ambulatory setting. However, many hospitals lack dedicated clinician resources to focus on chronic care management. Persivia offers a turnkey Chronic Care Management solution that includes both software and service to support your chronic disease patients. Our comprehensive dashboard integrates seamlessly into your current clinical and financial workflows, and offers one of the largest Clinical Decision Support (CDS) medical libraries built on comprehensive evidence-based rules.

Chronic Care Management Benefits:

  • Enhanced Cash Flow – An annual profit per provider can be generated based on the number of patients consenting to the program
  • Bi-directional EHR Data Flow – Information is exchanged with your EHR for a seamless workflow
  • Real-time Alerts – Provide clinical decision support to improve your patients’ overall outcomes
  • Patient-specific Comprehensive Care Plans – Leverages a unique set of evidence-based rules that are customized to your individual patient’s precise needs
  • Up-to-date Patient Information – Patient details based on interactions with the Care Manager may be sent to your EHR for review by the provider
  • Patient Education Resources – Branded patient information packets to educate your patients on the care value of non-face-to-face interaction with Care Managers
  • Patient Support – 24x7 patient support as well as an App specifically for patients to reach out with questions or request help in case of an emergency
  • Quick Identification of Eligible Beneficiaries -  A rules-based engine that saves your team time by automating identification of eligible beneficiaries
  • Implementation Experience  – Deep experience with over 200 hospital implementations for various Persivia clinical products


Key Features Include:

  • Identifying and alerting caregivers within the clinical workflow on eligible beneficiaries for enrollment
  • Tracking chronic conditions through patient’s clinical history, incorporating real-time, evidence-based alerts to close care gaps
  • Providing clinician resources for the required monthly care management and patient interactions
  • Tracking billable time and activities

Learn More About Chronic Care Management

  • Demystifying Chronic Care Management Webinar - Click here to listen to the recording in conjunction with Lori Foley from PYA Healthcare on Demystifying Chronic Care Management.
  • Persivia Chronic Care Management Data Sheet - Click here to get the brochure.

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