Disease Registries

Persivia delivers the most comprehensive and flexible Disease Registry Solution on the market today.

Persivia's Disease Registry Solution is designed to be automatically populated by EHR data, and cover the most important chronic conditions, such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, and COPD.


 Our solution provides a versatile and informative list of patients with relevant data to highlight patient progress and gaps in care.


Since we cover a large number of the most common diseases, these registries allow users to quickly identify patients in need of outreach to complete important milestones of care, and thereby empower patients to better manage their own health.


Persivia’ Disease Registries Solution Includes:



  • Interactive registries that provide an unlimited, multilayer drill down capability
  • Registries can exist at the Enterprise, Super IPA, IPA, practice, provider and other user-specified levels


  • Provides access to population and patient–level dashboards
  • Satisfi­es all major quality measure sets, such as PQRS, HEDIS, Meaningful Use, etc.



  • Authorized users can de­sign custom registries using our industry-leading rules editor