Chronic Care Management
Revenue Calculator


Revenue Calculator

Chronic Care Management can not only improve patient health, but can also impact your revenue. Take a moment and calculate the impact that implementing a CCM program can have on your practice.

Description Value
Average total patient population per physician1
Percent of population covered by Medicare1
Average number of Medicare patients per provider
Percent of Medicare patients with 2+ chronic conditions2
Total CCM-eligible patients
Patient consent rate
Total number of enrolled CCM patients
Percent of CCM patients billed each month
Average billable patients per month
CCM monthly payment (U.S. average: $43.533) or select your locality
Estimated annual gross revenue for family medicine physician

*varies by state
1 MGMA Cost Survey for Single Specialty Practices: 2013 Report Based on 2012 data specific to the specialty of family medicine. Includes Medicare A/B and Medicare Advantage.
2 - County Level Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCC) Table: 2012 Prevalence, National Average.
3 Reimbursement amount from the CY 2015 Physician Fee Service Final Rule; assumes 100% of unique patients are covered by Medicare A/B. Medicare Advantage reimbursement may vary.

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