Accountable Care

Continuously improve care quality while reducing costs.

The primary objective for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOS) is to continuously improve care quality while reducing costs. This can be achieved by eliminating unnecessary procedures, avoiding costly readmissions, and holding providers accountable for the quality of care they deliver.  The ACO also seeks to engage the patient in his or her care.  To fully realize the potential of the ACO model, real-time clinical analytics need to be easily accessible. To fully realize the potential of the ACO model, clinical analytics at the population, provider and patient levels along with real-time point-of-care clinical decision support capabilities with embedded patient education materials are necessary components.

Persivia offers providers the ability to adopt a gradual, flexible strategy for the introduction of ACO-enabling technology that reduces risk to your organization and maximize incentive payments.

Persivia’s ACO Solutions Include:
  • Quality Measures: Specific ACO measures that incorporate the highest-level of quality improvement programs that are required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Real-Time Clinical Decision Support (CDS): Actionable, real-time information on a specific patient that is easily accessible at any point-of-care, whether in the physician exam room or elsewhere i.e. pharmacy, call with health coach, ER, outside provider
  • Population Analytics: Information to enable development of effective population management strategies, identify system-wide issues, and align clinical service lines against the areas that can reap the greatest improvement
  • Provider Analytics: Identify and reward high-achieving provider groups, facilities, and care delivery networks, while developing effective patient strategies
  • Alerts & Recommendations: Automatically monitor and alert each clinician with timely recommendations they require to ensure ongoing compliance to guidelines, regulations and protocols
  • Disease Management: Information targeted at improving the management of specific chronic illnesses that cut across provider groups/networks, facilities, etc.


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