Hospitals & Ambulatory

Comprehensive dashboard views that provide real-time infection control and medication management that can reduce medical errors and improve outcomes.

Persivia’s single platform offers one view into all patient data, eliminating discrepancies that occur with multiple vendors and enabling more accurate, real-time analytics and reporting.  The information can be accessed at the point-of-care, pre-encounter or post-encounter, in order to directly and immediately drive behaviors that will improve the quality of care.


Key Features of our Hospital Solutions Include:
  • Evidence-based patient data to quickly create personalized treatment plans
  • Comprehensive dashboard views of all currently treated patients to provide real-time information that can reduce medical errors and improve outcomes
  • Built on the most up-to-date interoperability data, including HL7v3 and 2.X, CCD and CDA standards, integrating seamlessly into all hospital or clinic HIS systems with no disruption to workflow
  • Satisfy Meaningful Use requirements around clinical decision support, patient education, and reporting/data-exchange for patient and physician content with links to embedded evidence-based resources within each intervention
  • Single sign-on provides easy access to data without requiring providers to sign on to another system
  • Flexible rules editor enables clinicians to take appropriate action in real-time, and prevent adverse events and readmissions
  • Real-time recommendations and clinical registries allow management the full range of chronic disease prevention and specialty care
  • Applies patient and population-level data to ensure quality measures are met


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